2017 is at a close. What a year. Everyone I speak to echoes the same sentiment; a huge year of growth and change, and we can’t wait for the holidays… For Ambit, we have added huge functionality to our platform, grown the team by 6 people and moved into our second office. This has all occurred because we’ve been chosen, many times, over organisations much larger than ours, to become our customers partner for conversational intelligence. You guys are amazing.

2018 will see us almost double the team in the first 4 months to meet demand, and that will most likely see us move again. Very exciting times. I hope the break for you sees you take a holiday, and here’s to an even better 2018!

For a nice wind down before the holidays, our analyst Nick has compiled three of my most entertaining (cringe-worthy?) videos for you to sit back and relax to!

1. What Is Bot and What Is Not

Our first explainer video from me hits the ground running with an explanation of the difference between smart bots and the many dumb bots you see out there today. If you’ve conversed with a chatbot and gotten frustrated, you were probably talking to a dumb bot. Find out how to see the difference.

2. Two Important Chatbot Use Cases

If you want to see specific use cases of chatbots, look no further than this video where I go over how conversational AI applies to the sales and customer service functions of all businesses. P.S. Watch me take on The Donald over the phone.

3. Will Robots Take Your Job?

If you’ve seen artificial intelligence in the media, it’s likely that you will have seen something about whether the robots will take our jobs. Well, as part of our job (for now maybe), we’ve bundled this omnipresent concern into one fun video for you!

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