Ambit works with a variety of partners to deliver platform conversational AI solutions.

To find a partner to work with, or to learn more about becoming a partner, please contact us.

Implementation Partners

Ambit Delivery partners build client solutions on the Ambit Synapse platform. Our integration partners perform the integration needs from Ambit to our client systems.


Ambit partnered with Jade Software & Fusion5 to build on our platform for clients.

Distribution Partners

Ambit work with partners to cover a wide range of regions. Our sales partners sell Ambit Products and Solutions.

Ambit work with Vodafone NZ to distribute.

Development Partners

Development partners build and develop products services on top of or alongside the Ambit platform and API.


Ambit partner with Paymark for conversational electronic payment.

Corporate Partners

We have a variety of corporate partners across a range of areas.

Ambit is part of the Vodafone Xone program
Ambit is part of the Xone program that allows us to access the broad reach and technology of Vodafone.

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