Chatbots are changing the way that companies communicate - with both their customers and their employees. They represent endless possibilities for forward-thinking businesses looking to maximise the value of their everyday conversations.

Business focused and aligned, an Ambit powered chatbot will carve a direct path to meeting your strategic objectives. We simplify the development experience, delivering the best conversational experience to your customers and internal stakeholders, and enabling you to leverage your newfound business improvement opportunities.

Customised and convenient

Ambit provides a next-generation conversation platform, built on AI. It is a turnkey solution to build, maintain, and evolve your conversational user experience.


Ambit chatbots integrate seamlessly with the most commonly used messaging technologies in the world, including Facebook Messenger, Skype and WeChat.


Our strong enterprise focus means your chatbot is designed with the highest level of security in mind.

Guided design process

Collaborate with us throughout the design process with our full-service chatbot construction experience.


Comprehensive built-in analytics empower you to make data-led decisions - both in the evolution of your chatbot and in your business direction.

Best in class

Lead your industry with a best-in-class Ambit chatbot. We specialise in conversation, not code, delivering you a truly human-like experience.

Our Leadership

Ambit co-founders Josh, Gareth and Tim are all experienced executives with a passion for technology.
Their goal is to support their customers’ business success through their market-leading product and service.

Josh Comrie


Josh is an experienced entrepreneur who established what has become New Zealand's leading ICT recruitment brand Potentia, followed by Aspire Executive Search.

As Ambit’s CEO, Josh has overall responsibility for implementing strategy, leading organisational culture and working with Tim and Gareth to continually develop the Ambit platform and deliver measurable results for clients. He also oversees Ambit’s sales and marketing functions. As an experienced investor and director himself, Josh is focused on delivering stakeholder value for both clients and investors.

“Ambit is focused on delivering customer value, rather than simply selling technology.  Using lean and design principles, we build and support the success of our customers.”

Gareth Cronin


Gareth is a senior technology leader who has created innovative technology solutions and built high-performing software development teams at some of New Zealand’s major software businesses.

As CTO, Gareth is responsible for defining, establishing and communicating Ambit’s technical vision and strategy. His focus is on ensuring that the platform is stable, scalable, meets customers’ needs, and can evolve over time. Gareth is constantly on the lookout for new tools, technologies, and techniques that can help keep the platform and customers’ businesses at the cutting edge.

“With our seasoned leadership team and an energetic development and delivery team attuned to solving today’s most challenging business problems, we can flex our products and solutions to meet any customer’s needs.”


Tim Warren


Tim is a strategic consultant and a former developer and tech executive. He has extensive business experience and a unique background, combining enterprise and software with executive leadership roles in financial services, including global brands.

As Ambit’s COO, Tim runs the general day-to-day operations of the company, as well as playing a part in customer acquisition and service delivery. Tim’s focus is on ensuring that Ambit’s customers receive the best platform and the best ongoing service.

“Our unique platform approach means every customer benefits every time we improve the platform. Ultimately, that means lower cost, faster delivery and superior outcomes.”



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