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Everyone’s talking about chatbots. They’re changing the way that companies communicate - with both their customers and their employees. They represent endless possibilities for forward-thinking businesses looking to maximise the value of every conversation.


Maintain an accurate, professional, on-brand touchpoint 24/7, freeing up your people for more complex activities


Learn and improve from your conversations with sophisticated built-in analytics.


Leverage the familiarity of popular messaging technologies, and plug into widely used software and your existing company applications.

Why Ambit?

Ambit simplifies your chatbot journey from needs analysis to ongoing management:

For our enterprise clients

A custom design informed by your business objectives

A one-stop shop for a complete turnkey solution

Your data feeds directly into your enterprise data management system

For our channel partners

Use Ambit’s custom-designed Ambit platform to deliver turnkey bots to your clients

Simple and user-friendly – no coding required

Expert sales and delivery support

For our licensed developers

Use Ambit’s custom-designed Ambit platform

Manage your bots yourself, or let us do it for you  

Flexible commercial model 

Possible project funding available

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Choose the products that meet your needs

Ambit Navigator
Ambit Navigator

Users can search for information across all your web and social channels in a simple conversational experience.

Ambit Support
Ambit Support

Customers can get answers to their questions, complete everyday support tasks, or access the information they need.

Ambit Sales
Ambit Sales

A friendly conversational experience to answer prospective customers’ questions, manage a campaign and onboard new customers.


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Media Announcement Wednesday 27th February, 2019 Ambit oversubscribes capital raise to propel further growth Conversation platform company, Ambit, has announced an oversubscribed capital raise of NZD$1.75 million to enable product and global growth aspirations. Founded Read more…